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two major stories developing this morning as police burst into homes during two separate investigations on two sides of the bay area. good morning and thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. marla tellez is off today. >> i'm jon kelley. this morning, two separate investigations have s.w.a.t. teams surrounding homes in the east bay and in the south bay. this morning, gilroy police burst into homes, arresting at least 25 suspects, allegedly using kids to carry out gang crimes. our damon trujillo was the first one on the scene and has a live report just ahead. >> we begin in oakland where armed officers wearing
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bulletproof vests surrounded a home searching for a gunman who shot a shopper on black friday. we understand he just came out of the house, jodi? >> he did. this story has just changed. the suspect walked out of the house with his hands up. i'll tell you, there is a lot of relief out here in east oakland. his family has gathered here. they've been begging him and pleading with him to surrender. this is his sister here. tell us how you're feeling. >> i'm happy. i'm happy. i don't know what he's facing and i don't know what's to come but i seen my brother just walk out of that house arms up and they didn't gun him down. now they have an opportunity to hear his side of the story and know what's real and what isn't. >> did he know he was wanted? has he been on the run? >> i have no idea. >> tell me how you're feeling about this. >> i'm feeling whenever they put all this stuff, all the robbery,
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shooting, violence, that's not my brother. he came out with his hands up and now has the opportunity to say something. he has the opportunity to give his half and he can prove. they're going to go to court and he can prove he's right and they're wrong. i'm happy about it. >> thank you so much for talking about it. that's terry larkins. i don't know if you want to push in. apparently they have put the suspect, is he 29-year-old detwone watson into as a police vehicle. this all took place within the last couple of minutes. watson is wanted for the shooting that took place on black friday morning outside a san leandro walmart. oakland police tell us that watson took aim at a shopper as he was leaving that store. and attacked him. shot him in the neck allegedly. they have been out here in east oakland all morning long. the s.w.a.t. team. they evacuated this entire block, again, within the last
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couple minutes. the suspect, detwone watson walked out of the home after about a six-hour standoff with police with his arms up. he slowly walked out. police had guns on him and he is now in custody. ending a very tense situation out here in east oakland. again, this appears to have been -- have ended peacefully. this is exactly the way police had hoped this would happen. they've been trying to talk to him with a bullhorn all morning long, didn't want to go in after him. they consider him armed and dangerous. as you saw in that video, he has surrendered to police this morning. i'm jodi hernandez. >> thank you so much. literally breaking as we speak this morning. >>ing that surrender happened about four minutes ago. we're right on top of that. also today, they were using kids to carry out crimes. 149 people under arrest after an early morning crime sweep. >> it is the latest crackdown in
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a growing push against gang violence in the south bay. damon trujillo was the first reporter on the scene this morning. we're now getting a look at the suspected gang members accused of recruiting kids? >> yeah, that's what's distu disturbing to the police department. they had been investigating this criminal street gang they say for more than seven months. they moved in early this morning. and it did make a lot of arrests. they are members, most of them are members of just one particular family, but they accounted for a lot of the crime in gilroy. our cameras did catch the latter end of some of the sting. officers raided a home on the southside of town. police say the unnamed gang used children, as you mentioned, to carry out their crimes around the south bay. along with dea and the state attorney general's office, gilroy pd says the 25 suspects violated california's terrorism enforcement and prevention act. in essence, police say they organized reckless criminal
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activity which caused harm to many victims and compromised the safety of this entire community. a big concern for the police chief is the suspects are accused of using kids to do their dirty work. >> absolutely, they were using juveniles to sell guns, to sell drugs, to do the bidding of the gang. and so, in this case, we're going to be charging them with using juveniles to do such. and again, the d.a. will be going after enhanced sentences on these individuals. >> the investigation took place in gilroy hollister, morgan hill and in san jose. this is the second major raid for gilroy pd in the last two months alone. as i mentioned, a lot of these gang members, suspected members belong to one organized family here. they say that that gang, they actually attribute 80% of the crime here in gilroy to this particular gang. they're not naming the gang they say bass they do not want to glorify what they're doing. we're live in gilroy.
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nbc bay area news. >> thank you very much, damien. as he mentioned, this raid is a follow-up to i a massive crime sweep in october called operation garlic press that netted more than 100 arrests and now at least one of the people arrested originally is off the hook. the district attorney is dropping charges against the basketball player justin wheat. the 21-year-old was originally arrested and faced felony charges for allegedly selling an unlicensed firearm to undercover officers at a storage facility. turns out, it wasn't wheat but rather another man who had borrowed his car. officers say that man looked identical to wheat. this one nothing short of a heart wrenching decision as an east bay family begs doctors for just a little more time. the family of a toddler shot in the head in west oakland asking doctors right now to keep their child on life support for just a little bit longer. doctors at children's hospital in oakland say the 1-year-old
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unfortunately remains brain dead right now. the boy's parents say -- they're waiting for their family pediatrician before making any kind of decision. the boy's father was holding him in his arms when three people started shooting at them in west oakland last week. police are questioning at least five persons of interest, but so far, no arrests have been made. >> an east bay community meantime is mourning the death of a promising young athlete who died doing what he loved doing most, playing sports. >> 19-year-old fred thompson from richmond was just days away from his 20th birthday when he collapsed on campus at oregon state university. christie smith joining us live at the high school where thompson was a standout football player before he went on to play college ball. good morning. >> good morning to you, jon. fred thompson actually graduated from oakland technical high school in 2010 but everyone here seems to know him as if he were still a student here. he was a big guy who made a huge
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impact on campus. and today, the entire school seems to be struggling, trying to cope with his sudden death. it's been reported he may have had a heart attack while playing a pickup game of basketball. he was a football defensive tackle at oregon state. this morning, there are flowers here at the high school and grief counselors for students, story after story of how he was amen tore, a good student, a motivator, a friend, a football player that college scouts actually came looking for in all areas, friends say, he was a standout guy. >> and just you know, comments from you know, do it the way it's supposed to be done, you know, and then there's still this sad conclusion. >> he was just like a great person, like, he always had like -- he had that personality that like whenever you see him, he always makes you smile. >> now, one student shared a
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video she made of pictures of fred thompson from his days here at oakland tech. he was 6'4", 317 pounds. friends say he was just gentle and kind. in the yearbook, he was voted most huggable student here. fred thompson would have been 20 on sunday. reporting live in oakland, i'm christie smith, jon and laura, back to you. >> i hate hearing about that. thank you very much on the story. >> too young. we have breaking news right now out of virginia tech. a police officer has been shot and there is possibly a second victim at a parking lot near the campus. right now, police are searching for a suspect and an alert has been issued telling students and faculty to stay inside and lock their doors. the shooting comes the same day as virginia tech appeals a $55,000 fine in connection with their response to a 2007 rampage that left 33 people dead. also new at 11:00, within the past hour, former penn state
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assistant football coach jerry sandusky has left jail after putting up bail money. he was taken into custody yesterday on 12 additional charges of child sex abuse after two new alleged victims came forward. bail was set at $250,000, but sandusky originally had trouble raising the money and spent the night in jail. as a condition of his release, he has to remain at home wearing an electronic monitoring device. he was first charged last month with molesting eight boys, some he may end up facing in court next week. a berkeley high school counselor who allegedly asked a female student if she slept naked will still be allowed to work on campus but has to keep the door to his office open in a lawsuit filed by the mother of the girl, anthony smith was accused of touching and making inappropriate remarks to female students. the school district will pay more than $57,000 to the girl to settle the lawsuit. the girl has been assigned
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another counselor but smith will still be allowed to counsel other girls on campus. today the debate continues surrounding california's controversial ban on gay marriage. a federal appeals court will hear arguments on two issues in san francisco. the first is whether a videotape of last year's trial should be released to the public. the second is whether the district judge john walker, had a conflict of interest in the case because he had a long-term relationship with a man. last year, walker ruled california could not limit its definition of marriage to a man and a woman. it's become a trend around here, getting chilly in the early mornings, warming up during the day. how are we looking heading to the weekend? >> we are looking good. we've got a beautiful weekend shaping up. in fact, if you wanted to get outdoors and do shopping for the holidays, you'll be able to do so in comfortable conditions out there. a live picture of the golden gate bridge. it's a little hazy. unhealthy air quality throughout
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the board. unhealthy for you to be out there if you suffer from respiratory issues or asthma. temperatures warming up nicely. 44 in hayward. a really comfortable afternoon. i'll take you through the weekend forecast, show you those numbers and help you make the outdoor plans coming up. >> one of your graphics said plentiful sunshine over the weekend, correct? >> plentiful. >> i can't wait. still ahead, is nbc calling in an american idol to replace matt lauer. >> that rumor mill buzzing right now. we'll tell you all about it just ahead. and i'm bob redell. coming up, the kid lucky enough to have shopped with a cop. that store coming up. >> good news on the economic front and president obamaublica. wes'louat rl eplicans. we'll take a look coming up. honey...? [ mom ] yes.
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welcome back, everyone. this morning, police officers swarming a target store in the south bay. however, this time it's for a good cause. >> yeah, nice to report. san jose police officers are taking kids on a shopping spree this morning. nbc bay area's bob redell is live at the target store on coleman avenue where there have got to be a lot of happy kids out there right now. >> reporter: yeah, very happy, jon and laura, because of this all expense paid shopping spree, it means they will have something under their christmas tree come christmas morning. the oakland raiderets cheered on the boys and girls as they made their way into the store, each with their own $100 target gift card. that's the kind of money needed for essentials like rent foods and clothes, but today it was theirs to spend as they chose. give a kid 100 bucks, you better believe he or she will end up in the aisles with all the action
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dolls and dvds. right there by their side, their own police officer to keep track of how much they spent. >> it's really special because i might not get a present for my birthda birthday. >> that one. >> good choice. my sister and my brother. >> why? >> because i love them. >> can you tell me a little bit about why you wanted to get something for your brother? >> it shows the kids how to get into the spirit of the season of giving. they ask the kids beforehand to pick out people, significant people in their lives and think about giving gifts to them, which they probably would not be able to do if it weren't for target. >> i like the helicopter. >> target and private individuals donated enough money for 30 $100 gift cards though only 23 of the kids showed up
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today. they were chosen from horace mann and sherman oaks elementary here in san jose, the needest of the needy feeling very loved by san jose's finest. bob redell, nbc bay area news. >> as well they should. thank you, bob. >> what a good story. we've got encouraging news about the economy this morning. >> always happy to hear about that. scott mcgrew has that and a new controversy taking place in washington. >> good morning. we got the jobless claim numbers as we do every thursday morning. they were encouraging, under 400,000, the lowest in nine months. now, weekly claims are not the best data because they vary so much. but we will take the good news where we can get it. unfortunately, wall street too busy worrying about europe to notice this good news this morning. senate republicans have blocked president obama's choice to head the new consumer financial protection agency leaving the president to lash out in this press conference. republicans say they will block
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the head of the agency no matter who it is because they think the agency itself will be too powerful. apple tomorrow will open the doors on its newest apple store the an grand central station in new york city. staffed by more than 300 apple employees and it will feature two genius bars. and take a look at this video. this is melbourne, australia. it's the occupy movement here come the cops because it's illegal to pitch a tent in the park. there's the tent. let's see what happens. and there you go. if you wear a tent, it's not illegal. there's nothing illegal about making tent clothing. and then i assume everyone went out for a beer afterwards because it looks like everybody there had a pretty good sense of humor. back to you. scott, thank you very much. that's right. takes a big man to pull off a tent. you got to be happy about the forecast these days. a little cool start to the morning. things warm up nicely. checking in with christina
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loren. >> good morning to you. still hazy. we'll continue to see the haze all day long. probably tomorrow suffering in the air quality tomorrow. we have the snag nant air mass overhead. light winds. we'll see more of an onshore flow. temperatures on the mild side. it's still chilly in many spots across the bay. throughout the day today, hazy sunshine will continue. patchy a.m. fog tomorrow, especially at the coast. sunny and mild by friday. looking pretty good for the weekend. it's a little bit on the hazy side. overall, lots of sunshine. 62 in san jose, 62 in gilroy, 61 degrees in livermore. onshore flow picks up toward saturday and sunday. sunday is when we'll get better air quality across the board. your seven-day outlook shows you nice and mild. no rain in the forecast. a few more clouds coming tuesday into wednesday and i little bit cooler. back to you guys. >> if you're like us, you're used to starting your day off, a little cup of coffee, much
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watching 3459 lawyer on the today show. >> this morning the rumor mill heating up someone else could be sitting in the seat next year. that guy is this guy. maybe ryan seacrest. the hollywood reporter and "wall street journal" both reporting some nbc heavy hitters wooing him to join the "today" show lineup. always feels good to be wooed. reports have been circulating around lawyer is planning to leave when his contract is up next year. nbc and the "today" show keeping it cool right now.keeping mus in those rumors for right now. >> you're not going anywhere. >> neither are you. >> coming up, the shrinking gray area in the bay area. >> why california's middle class is shrinking. and to join the discussion, check us out on facebook. search nbc bay area. we're back in two minutes.
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laur. welcome back, everybody. after a very frosty start to the morning, man it was cold coming
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in, sunshine over oakland right now. looking and feeling good. remember, we're just one day away from friday. hang in there. >> jon, the number of major u.s. companies covering the cost of gender reassignment surgery for transgender workers has more than doubled in the past year. a new gay rights is report card release this had morning shows 207 of the 636 businesses it surveyed will provide benefits to help employees transition to a new gender. last year, 85 companies had insurance plans that paid for sex transformation surgeries. only 49 companies did in 2009. this is the first year the human rights campaign is grading corporations on lgbt medical plans which may be the reason for the big boost. >> there is a new report out that shows not even half of california families are middle class anymore. last year, roughly 49% of california families earned between $44,000 and $155,000 per
11:24 am
year. three decades ago, 60% of california families fit into that bracket. of course, this recent recession may have forced some families to slip down a bit on the pay scale, but advances in technology may have boosted other families to higher income brackets. okay. here's a question. are you ready for another ride to that danger zone? a buzz about a high ph flying hollywood sequel just ahead. ♪
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secondhand smoke affects everyone's health. it's not just irritating. it can cause heart disease and even death. speak up about secondhand smoke. your health and the health of your family depend on it. welcome back. the time now 11:26. hazy conditions yet again tomorrow with the stagnant air mass overhead. unhealthy air quality just about everywhere across the bay area, getting a little bit of a break in the south bay. if you suffer from problems ors an harkes try to limit outdoor activities through the nextal days. the fog will be back. it will keep your temperatures overnight on the mild side and so we're done with the frigid
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20s and low 30s as we head through this weekend. looking pretty comfortable. still no rain in the forecast. that means if you've got those outdoor activities you need to get done like shopping or hanging the christmas lights, you can do so comfortably around here saturday and sunday. back to you guys. >> maybe head to the movies, as well. tom cruise getting major buzz for his latest flick. the mission impossible squeal goes protocol. >> the major news making headlines today, cruise has not lost that loving feeling putting out the word he might be going old school rolling out top gun 2. that's right. 25 years after the original smash hit, the actor revealing talks are happening to bring maverick back. cruise will do another top gun if they can find the right story. add that to the fact top gun cost 15 million to make and brought in over $350 million. the odds very, very strong for a sequel. >> pretty amazing. and where are you going? >> you never close your eyes
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anymore when i kiss your lips ♪ >> who knew, this was a surprise. >> how much longer do we have on the show. ♪ there's no tenderness like. >> thanks for joining us.
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